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Glorious Autumn….One of the many things I love about living in this part of Somerset, is that our countryside has apple trees in abundance. Many are grown for cider making, which this region is famed for.

I hadn’t been thinking about apple orchards when I went for a wander around Glastonbury Abbey. I went to find some autumnal leaves, having been looking at pictures of Autumn from people living in Canada and the U.S – the colours of trees there are astounding at the moment. But at the Abbey the trees are still changing colour and mostly, those vibrant tones are slowly emerging. The orchard however, is a different matter.


The Abbey has a wonderful cider orchard and herb garden. The boughs of the trees are currently heavy with fruit and windfalls are everywhere. The apples are the deepest shades of red and crisp green. Standing alongside the orchard is a huge horse chestnut tree and I relived that thrill from childhood, of finding an unbroken shell and cracking it open to reveal a rich, shiny conker inside. These things gave me the colours I was looking for.