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My friend Claudia was telling me about how much she loves paint (that blog is here). She was marvelling at how a small tube of acrylic can be used to create such spectacular things on canvas. It got me thinking. About my own obsession with paint, but in an upcycling capacity.

I’ve been painting bits of furniture waaaaaaay before the ‘upcycling’ word was first uttered. Indeed, many of us have, it’s nothing really new. I remember my Mum painting furniture when I was a child, and it was a generational ‘make do and mend’ thing for her.

In our house, if it’s static, I’ll probably paint it. My husband often looks wary if I go near him with a paintbrush and a open tin of ‘Misty Muff’ or some such named paint. I love not only the transformation, but the process. It’s therapeutic don’t you think? No, not getting it? Try having a few glasses of red wine at the same time and you’ll soon agree with me.

I’ve been working on a dresser top which a friend gave me about four years ago and which has been gathering dust in our attic ever since. I hoiked it out last weekend and got cracking on it. I applied an undercoat with some white emulsion I had lying around and then a top coat of ‘Pea Green’ gloss by a very posh brand of eco paint, Farrow & Ball. I don’t know if they still do this colour but I did get it cheap.

When I opened the tin, the paint looked turquoise, as you’ll see from the photo. I wasn’t surprised, as often with these posh paints, the name is never terribly indicative of the colour. I mixed it up a bit and it changed dramatically – certainly a pea green you could attribute to the Owl and The Pussycat but not one I’ve ever spotted in any saucepans at home, I can tell you that for nothing.

Anyway, it went on a treat. I’ve yet to finish it, as am toying with the idea of a second colour and sanding it back for a ‘distressed’ look. It’s a look I often wear myself when I decide that I’ve gone off the first colour and the second colour and then re-paint the entire thing in Misty Muff. But hopefully, this will be OK:)