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I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that I’m off my head, but seriously, is it only me that whenever Daniel Craig is on the telly, thinks of Sid James from the Carry On films?

Ok, I know that Daniel Craig is rather sexy. As Bond, he is divine – in fact he’s my favourite Bond so far. He’s rugged and cool and tough. But….he just has that Sid James thing going on….Maybe it’s the craggyish face, the slightly baggy cheeks? The bright blue eyes? I know he’s not prone to saying ‘Fnar Fnar’ at every turn and talking about women’s hooters but still.

Anyway, Spectre is released in British cinemas today, with the World premiere also taking place at the Royal Albert Hall this evening. I can’t wait to go and see it but, I shall have to work quite hard to not imagine Daniel getting off with a decrepit Barbara Windsor instead of a fit Bond girl. I’ll distract myself with his sharp suits instead of imagining him in a fair isle cardigan and a pair of blue slacks. It’ll be tough though. What a Carry On.

daniel and sid