Floundering about your artistic talents but desperately want to get creative? Read this!

When you were at school, I bet there was some kid in your class who was absolutely fantastic at art. Can you remember who that was? Maybe there was more than one of them? But I bet there was someone who could make a still-life drawing of a shrunken pigmy head look not only effortless but also super cool. They would be the ones who had the art teacher quivering with ecstasy. For They were blessed with being a Gifted Artist and that meant that They were automatically enrolled into a very special club of mysteriousness and beauty, leaving the rest of us pressing our grimy, unworthy faces against the window, yearning to be accepted into this elite, vibrant world of richness and wonder, but banished out into the cold – pathetic and contemptible, pitifully clutching a handful of broken crayons and some balsa wood.

Now it might be that YOU are that Gifted Artist person. In which case…

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