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This is perfect for the time of year – delicious, dark, spicy and bound to give you a warming glow. If you’re having a bonfire party, or are just out in the garden at dusk, waiting for witches to swoop overhead, have a mug of this and soak up the magical atmosphere of Autumn.

I don’t have exact measurements – this is a ‘chuck it in the pan’ kind of recipe

Approx I/2 pint of milk per person – I use soya milk for a vegan version

One large bar of good, dark chocolate –  I use a dairy free for vegan version

Chilli powder

Brown sugar

Dark rum


Heat the milk gently in a pan until at simmering point and turn to a low heat

Break the chocolate into squares and add to the milk. Heat until melted, stirring all the time

Add brown sugar – start with 2 -3 tsp and simmer gently, allowing the sugar to dissolve. Taste. Add more sugar if required to desired sweetness.

Add the chilli powder – use a pinch to start with and then if necessary, add more as you taste until you get the heat you are happy with. Keep stirring!

Chuck in some rum – a good slosh at least!

Keep on the heat until simmering once again, stirring all the time.

Decant into mugs and enjoy!

Have some more…