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I know, I know, it’s still November….but I have a theory (after decades of failed resolutions) that the key to success is not to make said resolutions at 12.01am on 1st January after 25 glasses of wine.

The New Year brings all kinds of good resolve for most of us. Fresh starts, a chance to reflect, make changes, begin a bright shiny new twelve months with a list of things to improve oneself; common themes are to become healthier, thinner, fitter, less untidy, work harder, work less in some cases, stop smoking, be happier…….

I’m facing some real changes in my routine from 1st January (I’ll tell you more about that later) but have had some time to adjust to how this might look for me.

One thing I’ve realised, is that getting used to the idea of change over a gradual period of time, means that my mind will be better prepared to tackle the challenges it might bring. If like me, you struggle with a somewhat cluttered mind, you’ll know how overwhelming simple changes can be when you have several hundred things going on at the same time.

So essentially, I’ve been clearing some head space ready for the things I hope to achieve from 1st January. I have a list of work related changes I shall be making. I also have a list of personal related changes I shall be making. The work element is relatively straightforward; it’s bread and butter stuff so the motivation to do this properly and with commitment is high. Getting myself organised for it has been slowly burning away for a couple of months. So I’ve had plenty of time to mull, ponder and do the whole deep and meaningful with myself, as well as initiate some of the practical elements. What I now have is clarity and direction which I shall be grateful for when it comes to getting on with ‘it’.

The personal list is a bit different. It includes the normal challenges; getting fitter, healthier, more active, concentrating on wellbeing etc etc….. But I know that if I don’t also start adjusting myself to the idea of it NOW, it will be yet another list of changes which have been made with shiny, lively optimism but which soon turn into feelings of failure and self-loathing.

So, I’m thinking about it all right now. I’m giving myself the chance to embed some thoughts about adjustments to my life I would like to make, and taking some time over the next six weeks or so to prepare and plan, so that those resolutions aren’t such a vast shock come the new year. Someone once said that having and working towards achievable goals is the key to happiness and I’m a firm believer in this. For me, the journey is as fulfilling as reaching the end goal.

My preparation isn’t anything hugely spectacular. I’m going out for a good walk once a week, ready for when I want to increase my fitness further in January. I’ve researched some yoga classes. I’ve started making time for myself to relax a bit more, stop worrying about the things I can’t control. I’ve de-cluttered my wardrobe. I’ve started clearing out the kitchen cupboards of random crap. I’ve emptied the freezer of all the stuff we won’t eat. It’s all helping to clear some space in my mind as well. Come January, I will have done all the groundwork, mind will have adjusted to the idea and I will be prepared.

Just have to get Christmas out the way now…….!