When it comes to starting and completing tasks,  we tend to fall into one of three categories – those who never start anything whatsoever, those who are super dooper at starting things but not finishing, and those who are committed to  starting things and triumphantly seeing said task through to its conclusion.

I am definitely in the second category. In fact, one of my school reports at the age of 10, made mention of this very fact.

‘Laura is good at starting projects but soon loses interest and becomes impatient to move on to something new. She needs to learn to finish tasks completely’

(Mr Garbutt, class 3. He looked like Frankenstein).

I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing is it? I mean, the world needs starters! For it then provides opportunities for other people to finish! (Is that a fourth category? Finisher?) If things didn’t get started, then….well…..where…

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