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This super-festive indoor wreath is simple to do and utilises scraps of ribbon and a long stocking! It requires just basic sewing skills and can be made as fancy or as plain as you like! You can add glitter, sparkly embellishments and more. There are so many different colour choices for the long stockings too, that there are endless ways to create a your own unique version. I kept this one fairly simple, but it’s a good starting point for letting your festive imagination run wild!

So here’s how I did this.

I used:

1 x 30cm diameter polystyrene florist ring (from Ebay, around £3 + P&P)

1 x knee length stripy sock (Ebay £2.99 per pair inc p&P)

Hessian / Jute cloth (Ebay, around £2 per half yard inc p&p)

Red and white felt

Red and white gingham & seasonal ribbon and scraps of ribbons

Good strong household or fabric glue


  1. Take the stocking and from the top, cut along the back edge towards the heel, cutting completely through to the toe. Then give it a gentle stretch!

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2. Pin the stocking around the polystyrene ring, so that you are joining the edges together at the back (flat side) of the ring. You will need to slightly stretch the stocking as you go, making sure that the surface remains smooth on the front side.

3.When pinned, oversew the edges together. I trimmed off the top 4 inches or so of the stocking and pulled the two ends together and stitched. This seam will be the top of the wreath.

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4. Roughly cut a circle of hessian and two circles of felt, of decreasing sizes. As a rule of thumb, the hessian needs to be approx 4″ in diameter. Fray the edges of the hessian by pulling four or five threads away from the edges.

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5. Pinch the felt circles together so that they are slightly ruched and stitch together. Stitch onto the hessian.

 20151129_114640_resized.jpg 20151129_114900_resized.jpg

6. The central ribbon rosettes are made from folding ribbon into loops and stitching – a bit tricky to describe but you aiming to make a star shape by looping and stitching the ribbon together. Sew a bead into the middle of the rosette or a button.

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7. Repeat the process until you have made as many hessian / felt circles with ribbon rosettes as you desire. I made 11 for the one here. When you have completed them, give each one a good scrunch up in your hand initially arrange on wreath ring to give you a guide as to how you would like the lay-out. When you’re happy with it, secure each onto the ring with a good glue. I chose to bunch them up fairly closely together and bring all the hessian edges up to rest against each other (this will make sense when you try it!).


8. I chose to position a bow slightly off centre at the bottom, but you may wish to either not include a bow, or have one centrally placed like a traditional wreath.

9. To disguise the top seam, I stitched a piece of ribbon over it and some hanging twine to the back. You may want to do something completely different!

10. Merry Christmas!

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