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Which M word, I hear you ask, Marriage? Money? Well, gather round, my friends, gather round….

I was discussing the blog with a friend of mine recently and about how I was dithering about the ‘pitch’. She told me about model and blogger Stina Sanders, who took part in a social media experiment proposed to her by The Daily Mail, which saw her replace the usual glamorous photos she was posting on Instagram, with ones which featured her more normal, real life. Now among other things, these photos included one of her bleaching her moustache (the M word, there it is, right there). And before she knew it, her Instagram followers had dropped by around 3,000.

Interesting, no? I mean I guess her Instagram followers were following in order to be fed little bites of her beautiful life, so pictures of facial bleaching and her in her jimjams having not showered or cleaned her teeth, might not be the point of the follow in the first place, but it’s an intriguing little test. The full article is here, if you’d like to read more.

Before I started blogging, I spent a fair amount of time reviewing other blogger styles. In fact, I still do, as I like to read other blogs and I like to see how others are growing their reader bases. But it’s very easy to become side tracked by what other people are doing and start to question if whether you are actually any good by comparison. For someone like myself who is blogging with a full-on, unashamed, ruthless intention of it generating some income, somehow, then I am keen to develop a style which is pitched at attracting a hefty reader base.

I’ve written a diverse range of posts I would say. In my few months of blogging, I’ve written about subjects ranging from how to make chai tea to wearing a onesie at the swimming pool. I’ve talked about having confidence with art and I’ve featured cocktails in Lisbon. I’ve been working out what people want to read. I’ve thrown a bit of money at marketing on social media and it is all with the intention of providing me with some stats and an overview of what people want from me.

Now I know that people aren’t going to be following me for my glamorous lifestyle like they do Stina Sanders. No. (More fool them but hey, it’s their loss). I know that I need to decide and settle on a pitch which will attract new and repeat readers and which has a general point to it rather than just drifting and dithering. People will know what to expect from my blog and will either want it, or won’t.

I’ve looked at professional blogs and have tormented myself over whether I should just concentrate on writing about twee decorating tips, or baking or feminism or travelling or flower arranging or inspirational tales of hope and life coaching. No, I can’t – I have to do a bit of everything. I like writing recipes, I like writing tutorials on making things. But I also want to talk about my moustache if I want to. I would like to talk about how sometimes, being a girl is not very easy. I want to share silly stories about real life things, like how I once accidentally gave myself a partial bikini wax with a badly placed sanitary towel.

You see, I want to be real. But whether this is going to be my downfall commercially….well, I guess time will tell. And then maybe I’ll have to reconsider….