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It’s not too late to grab some flowers and foliage and knock up this simple table decoration for Christmas. I’ve kept this one quick and easy but if you have time and resources, go to town with gold spray, more blooms and volume!

You’ll need:

Dish or saucer

Tapered candle or candles of your choice. Don’t have them too short though as they may burn down beyond the foliage.

Green ‘wet’ florist oasis block

Flowers and foliage; I used red roses, holly, pine fronds, mistletoe but add herbs, ivy if you can as these are great too!

  1. Cut the oasis block to fit your dish. Position the candle by pushing firmly into the block where you want, you may want to have more than one. 20151223_194818~2
  2. I prefer to position the flowers next as it helps me as a guide for the following foliage 20151223_195231~2
  3. Starting from the base up, push stems of foliage around each side, building up gradually. Make sure you check that there are no bald patches! 20151223_200318
  4. When you’re happy with it, give the oasis a good soak to keep the flowers fresh.
  5. Job done!