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The cats have turned into Heat Dementors. Sit down for ten seconds and I can guarantee that one of them has cat-velcroed itself to me and is leeching all my available body heat out through my thigh, lap or head. Then the other will join in, usually climbing over the first one in an attempt to get the closest.


I can’t sleep properly because Alfie (the black and white one) has to get into bed with us (it’s the OH’s fault but tonight THE DOOR WILL BE SHUT. On both of them if there are any complaints). He has this irritating habit of getting under the duvet by my left side, then draping himself across my body on the way over to my right side, but staying there for about 30 seconds like he’s on a sun lounger. I’m talking about the cat, by the way.

Occasionally, he remembers that the radiators are, in fact, on and hot. Some of the time.


Today, while I was working in the lounge, I had to move seats THREE TIMES, to escape them. It was like some weird slow motion cat musical chairs, but with me swearing loudly instead of music. They ended up with the best seats and I ended up out at the kitchen table, in a draft.

At least they eventually realised that they could just huddle the fuck up together to keep warm. Aaaah, sweet 🙂


They are in fact cuddling and not in a head lock


And to prove my point my point, look what just happened as I was writing this……