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Careful now, because if you’re thinking of snapping a pic of that scrumptious looking slice of chocolate cake and vanilla latte and uploading it to Instagram, you might well find yourself in danger of being branded ‘basic’.

You may remember that last year, Kate Moss famously threw this (apparently) most insulting of insults at an Easyjet pilot, before being escorted off the plane for drunken, belligerent behaviour. She was heard to call the pilot a ‘basic bitch’ (story is here). In popular culture, the word ‘basic’ is used to describe someone who is unoriginal, lacking in intelligence, prone to following trends while being convinced of their originality, blah blah blah. The Urban Dictionary definition of it is here.

What really made me laugh, and shake my head in disbelief about the Kate Moss story, is the irony of a woman who has made herself a living by being paid to wear other people’s work on a catwalk, slinging such a shallow insult at a person who is capable of flying a fucking airbus…..I mean, seriously Kate – in the world of Grown Ups, who has the edge of credibility here? Next you’ll be telling me that Kim Kardashian has called Stephen Hawking ‘basic’.

Anyway, I digress. This, really, is all about uploading foodie pics.

It’s been around for a while, this notion that uploading photos of your latte or your pizza or your sandwich etc etc, is ‘basic’; dull, boring, annoying, pointless but I disagree. There are plenty of reasons why sharing foodie photos is an absolutely bloody brilliant thing to do. Firstly, you are giving the venue some positive free publicity, if you remember to tag your location (do it). Secondly, you are sharing not just your food image, but your experience at the time, of being with friends, or relaxing, or having fun, whatever, BUT, at least you are living in the moment, which is an underrated thing and so often is lost in our busy lives. Thirdly, people love looking at photos of food; we are programmed to react positively to good images of food and therefore we become stimulated by them too. Food is a social thing. So is sharing and viewing foodie photos. Fourthly? It’s harmless. Fifthly? (is that a real word?!) I’m not sure why I feel the need to justify it.

This article from Elite Daily gives an amusing overview about why foodie photos are wrong; and does make a few valid points. Ok so yes, it can be frigging annoying for your fellow diners if you want to take photos of the newly waited plates before anyone can start eating and yes, it is rude to keep checking your phone every minute to see if you’ve had any positive feedback. So ask your fellow diners first if you can take some pics and then put your phone away. For at least 30 minutes.

So going back to being ‘basic’ for sharing your photos. I laugh in the face of ‘basic’. I pour custard over ‘basic’. I tell basic it can fuck off and label something else. You want to take photos of your food and upload them my friends? Well you go ahead and don’t let anyone stop you.  We pour scorn on the rule of ‘basic’. In fact, I think calling things ‘basic’ should be the new basic. Yes, that’s it – you want to call me basic for uploading photos of food? Oh My God, you are soooooooo basic……

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