Thinking of a vintage make-over? Or does ‘vintage’ drive you craaazyyyy……? Read on!

Apple crates. I’ll just start there. Apple crates. Once upon a time, these humble rustic containers (also known back in the day as bushel boxes) were knocked up for that most practical of tasks of transporting one’s apples from one’s orchards to one’s local market. They were constructed out of cheap timber and stamped with the name of the farm or business. In the village I grew up in, I remember these scruffy boxes were everywhere; chucked in hedges, discarded in fields and rotting in hay barns. They were also a ready source of fuel for the annual village Guy Fawkes bonfire.


If ONLY our local farmers had known then that those humble crates which could give you all manner of splinters as you chucked them over the hedge, would one day be ‘desirable’ and therefore expensive. They would have laughed their ruddy little cheeks off.Because nowadays, apple crates are in every…

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