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It’s the most glorious sunny day here today in south west UK- I’ve been out this morning and had to strip off my coat and jumper becuase it was all too hot out there in the sun! It’s giving me wanderlust,  I’m craving a journey, an adventure….but for now I shall have to satisfy myself with a look at some travel pics and start to shape a plan for  our next wanders abroad.

I found this photo in amongst my Lisbon photo album and it made me smile. I so distinctly remember the time and area that John and I stopped for a Ginjinha – it was at the bottom of some never-ending steps that we needed to climb to get back to our hotel. We’d been on our feet all day exploring and had one last steep hike back up through Lisbon to our digs. We spied this little Ginjinha bar and as we’d yet to try this traditional cherry liqueur, we had a pit stop.


Ginginha (also known as ginga) is made from infusing ginja berries (sour cherries) in alcohol and sugar. This popular Portugese liqueur is sold as shots and is strong and warming. In Lisbon, there are little bars all over which sell it.  This place is called Ginginha do Carmo and is a fabulous little hole in the wall which also serves Ginja in tiny little shot cups made from dark chocolate. We just had it straight out the glass for 1.5 Euros each. Delicious….