20160528_173816I’m calling this rum based drink ‘Ginger Nonsense’ after a line from the film Train Wreck. I watched this comedy last week – a couple of times in fact – and found myself laughing out loud on several occasions.

It’s written by and stars Amy Schumer, but for me the funniest performance is by barely recognisable Tilda Swinton, who plays hard nosed, cockney alpha female Editor, Dianna.

In one scene, Dianna is chastising the vaguely red-headed, hapless journo Nicky, and is bringing down her toothy, nervous grin through a series of sharp reprimands. She ends by proclaiming to Nicky ‘I’m sick of your ginger nonsense’.

It made me laugh. A LOT. But you won’t be sick of THIS ginger nonsense I can assure you. Unless you drink too many of course…

Anyway, this is a lovely little drinky for you to enjoy. I’d feel as though I was cheating by calling it a cocktail as there’s not really much to it. But it’s very delicious.

I used a small glass for a dainty measure.

One shot dark rum

Splash of lime juice

Top up with a good, fiery ginger beer

Add a strawberry and sprig of mint.

Add ice if you fancy!

Maybe have another?