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Hello, it’s been a while since I wrote, have you missed me? No? FINE, be like that then…..

I’ve been hot, mostly. And aggravated. The thing about living in the UK during the Summer months, is that not being used to having hot weather means that we don’t have sensible things like air conditioning in our humble homes. Well, some of us might, the rich people, but mostly…no.

I like sunny weather and love the chance to escape to the beach to turn myself an attractive shade of strawberry with cream patches. I love swimming in the sea. I love lying under a tree on a hot, balmy day sipping San Pelegrino and eating peaches. I love pub beer gardens on a hot afternoon with a cold lager. But generally, if I’m working or stuck at home, Summer is a tedious misery of damp hair, sticky skin and permanently wanting to whip off one’s knickers and bra and wear nothing but a length of muslin with a hole cut out for the head. God I hate summer clothes.

Now Autumn on the other hand – well now. The very thought of it makes me shiver with anticipation. The days are starting to cool and Autumn is closing in with an eerie ‘I’m coming!’ kind of feel. HOORAH! Thanks goodness, for at last I can start to think again about cosy jumpers and sweatshirts, boots, heavy fabrics, large, squishy coats, hats, long sleeved t-shirts and SOCKS! I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of socks. It’s an unhappy feeling.

It’ll be time to glance happily at the rain, watch the thunder clouds forming, feel the change in atmosphere as the leaves start to change colour – the smell of the earth, bonfires, cold, crisp air, dark nights drawing in and casting a spooky gloom. It’ll be time to think about Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Christmas…

Then there’s Strictly and the Autumn TV goodies that we get to watch, curled up on the sofa with a blanket, hot chocolate, baked Camembert (that might just be me) and a cat (when it’s back from broomstick duties). Walks in the woods, trips to the pub to sit by the fire, walks on the beach when it’s stormy, pine cone collecting, apple picking, blackberry picking, crumble making, pie baking.

HURRY UP AUTUMN! I’m longing for you..!