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My Facebook feed keeps popping up all manner of inspirational quotes these days and with links to individuals purporting wealth and abundance ‘by following 7 simple steps to manifest success’ or by declaring your desires to the Universe so that the Universe might be listening and provide you with everything you ever dreamed of. I live in Glastonbury, UK so this kind of thing is very normal. In fact in Glastonbury, if you don’t declare your desires to the Universe by moonlight wearing a faux fur poncho and a pair of purple leg warmers, you are the weirdo.

Anyway, just to clarify, I am not so normal for Glastonbury and treat all that kind of thing with a little bit of suspicion. BUT – I do believe that success can be found from thinking positively along with visualising clear outcomes.

And that holding on with grim determination to your ambitions is crucial. And bloody tough…

I started my greetings card publishing business, Go La La! at the turn of this year. I always knew that what we produced might be a little odd….and with some designs that you’d never see on the shelves in WH Smiths. I  knew that I wouldn’t be able to stick to any one particular style in design – and that it was always going to be an eclectic collection of cards. Sometimes there would be risque and rude stuff. And sometimes it would be a bit more fluffy and wholesome. But what I did know is that it needed to be absolutely true to me and to John, who would also be joining the business. We both have quite dark, twisted senses of humour. But I do also like creating wholesome stuff. Sometimes, I fantasise about designing things with flowers and cute drawings. I guess as the Go La La! brand name implies, I needed our model to allow us to go off the rails from time to time. In the most productive kind of way….

Now the greetings card industry is a highly competitive market. And full of incredibly talented artists and designers. My initial thoughts when developing the business model were ‘Where would we fit in?’ Would we fit in? What if we were too different, just that bit too eclectic?

We could only try our hardest and maintain clear vision and clear ambitions. But being a bit odd and chucking out a load of card designs based on a random suggestion over dinner is one thing, but would they actually sell? Would they be way too niche?

Keep the Faith! Hold your Nerve! Because remaining focused on your goals and driving those ambitions forward will pay off. I don’t know about ‘manifestation’ or talking to the Universe but I do know that visualising much-desired, long term outcomes helps you become the person you need to be, in order to see it through. It’s just psychology, I think (!).

And visualising those outcomes has, on low, despondent days, persuaded me to place my feet on the floor and get out of bed. And it’s visualising those outcomes that has made me cull a range of cards. It starts to shape you, move you in the right direction, teaches you how to think productively to see a task through. How to not be scared about making mistakes and having the bottle to know when something isn’t working out – and then changing it.

And suddenly, you see that staying true to yourself and your goals pays off – the cards start selling, shops actually want your products, you attract agents, you get a licensing deal. Suddenly, you realise that you can do it…you have actually created something which other people want. Ok, so it’s only on a small scale , but bloody hell…..something is working…

We’re still at the very start of our career in this game, and isn’t opportunity for learning just one of the greatest things? I look back at everything we’ve learned and achieved in this past nine months and think it’s incredible. We’re not making huge sums of money (yet), we’re still battling away with social media to get our brand out there (but it will happen), we’re still slogging away in trying to recruit new agents (but they will come).

I love this journey – obviously not as much on the tough days when the phone doesn’t ring and there are no ‘likes’ on a FB post or you get a copy of a trade mag and think that everyone else seems to be doing so brilliantly and that you must be shit or you’ve walked out of a card shop feeling overwhelmed by the competition, or the courier can’t find your address and just buggers off when he’s supposed to deliver a load of new cards you urgently need but you have an address that not even 007 could find. (But I will definitely make the directions extra clear 007, if you’re reading this. Worry not (winky face).

Our website is: www.golala.co.uk

We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @golalacards