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I went to the cinema last week with John to watch Inferno starring Tom Hanks. We settled into our back row seats with our smuggled sweets and drinks just as the lights dropped for the first fifteen minutes  of trailers and advertising.

Normally, I don’t take much notice of the ads. I’m too busy wondering how I’m going to make a bag of fruit pastilles last for an hour and a half when I’m eating them at a rate of 2 per minute. But anyway, on this occasion, I was somewhat distracted. My attention was gripped by the opening bars of a haunting and beautiful melody, which happens to be from one of my all-time favourite songs.

‘Round…….like a circle in a spiral…..like a wheel within a wheel……….’

Transfixed, I gazed at the giant screen as a masterpiece of advertising unfolded before me. Now the track, ‘Windmills Of Your Mind’ sung by Dusty Springfield is always going to be a winner for me. But coupled  with a beautifully filmed sequence of a wheel-spinning Autumnal orange Audi, and not only did I find myself with shivers down my spine, but with an unexpected pair of nipple erections as well. The only other thing I can recall having the power to do that to me (apart from a bit of tweaking, and Winter) is the theme from that 70’s TV show, Black Beauty.

I do love Audi cars, I have to say. I would love an Audi. I’ve not contemplated owning an orange car before, but that advert made me want one without question (if black wasn’t available. Or grey, silver, white or dark blue). This ad is for the Audi Sport R8 Spin. Oh and it’s lovely…

I may have dribbled a bit of fruit pastille as this masterful and commanding ad unfolded. A beautifully filmed, moody, dramatic minute or so with a colour palette of monochrome and orange. I was utterly transfixed.

‘Bloody hell’ I whispered to John, ‘that was incredible’. I was half hoping for an ad break in the middle of the film just so I could watch again. I came home and found it on You Tube. It was definitely spectacular on a big screen with the volume that only a cinema brings but whack the volume up, and take a look (below).

And as for whoever created that ad concept for Audi – very well done, you deserve a hefty pay rise or some kind of award. Tell me who to write to.