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I’ve been feeling a bit brain dead of late; it’s my own fault – I’ve been spending too much time indoors working, not getting out and about as much as I’d like, not filling my mind with new learning and experiences, not listening to good radio shows or watching decent documentaries and neglecting my book reading. I’ve resolved to change this and get back to stimulating my mind! Writing this blog helps, it gets some creative juices flowing, and provides a little shot of serotonin, because I enjoy it so much!

Anyway, one thing which did manage to grab my attention and stimulate my mind, was  a new range of designs I’ve been working on for my card business.It’s involved research of words from around the world which encapsulate a feeling, a sentiment or a moment but which has no English equivalent. So for example, you may have seen merchandise and books in the shops centred around the concept of ‘hygge‘ which is a Danish noun for the feeling you have when you are content and cosy. It could be the feeling of climbing into your pyjamas and curling up on the sofa with a book, or it could be the feeling of coming in from outside and warming up by a crackling fire. Or getting into a warm bed with clean sheets after a hot bath. For me, it’s having the house to myself, curling up under a blanket with a pot of tea, a baked Camembert and Strictly on the telly. And some fruit pastilles. OK, a LOT of fruit pastilles.

Anyway, through the research I’ve discovered some beauties – ‘gigil‘ which describes the feeling of wanting to stroke, squeeze, pinch, cuddle something unbelievable cute – I guess like a plump little puppy or a baby. And there’s ‘cafune’ which is the act of tenderly running your fingers through your lover’s hair. ‘Tingo‘ makes me smile – it means to gradually steal all the belongings from your neighbour’s house by borrowing and not returning them! And ‘Mangata’ describes the long, shimmering silvery ripples which are the moon’s reflection across water.

I’ve been trying to think of my favourite English word which describes a feeling or a moment and I think it must be ‘serendipity’ – the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Such a lovely thing when it happens!

Anyway, I’ve now finished my wordy range of cards and called it ‘Found in Translation’. If you’re interested, you can see them all here.

But the best one of all for this time of year in particular is ‘Yuputka’ – the feeling of something unseen, crawling on your skin……shiver………love a bit of Yuputka – that’ll stimulate the senses every time……..