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Some years ago, John and I were staying in a little holiday cottage we rent in a Cornish seaside village called Gorran Haven. True to its name, it’s been a bit of a haven throughout our relationship. We even chose to hideaway there on our honeymoon after our wedding in Devon; who needs the Bahamas anyway?

So anyway. It was on one of our stays during 2010 / 2011 and one Sunday morning that I was sitting outside having a cup of coffee in the courtyard garden which fronts the cottage. Three people were walking up from the beach; a man and woman slightly ahead of the third person, a white haired, somewhat familiar and distinctive looking man.

As they drew level, I nodded and said Good Morning to the couple and then to the man, who smiled, said a cheery ‘Hello’ and continued past.

I nearly knocked my coffee over in my haste to run back into the cottage and screech at John;

‘Oh my FUCKING GOD, Richard Curtis has just walked past!’

Now John, being a rational person with long-standing and wide-ranging experience of my excitable declarations, ideas and interpretations, simply replied calmly,

‘Don’t be ridiculous’.

Totally ignoring him and his silly ways, I yanked on some boots, and virtually vaulted over the wall and legged it up the road to the little village car park, just in time to see the three strangers, sorry, two strangers AND RICHARD CURTIS, drive off in a dark coloured estate car. I stood forlornly in the middle of the road, realising that I had just missed the chance to star in my very own Sunday morning romcom with Richard Curtis. Ah well.

Now, dear reader, if you wouldn’t mind, I’m going to time travel to 2013.

I am on Twitter and follow a few celebs and Interesting People, one of whom is Emma Freud; writer, journo, film producing person and all-round-media-everything and OH to Richard Curtis.

Emma is tweeting about a new film that Working Title / RC is about to start shooting on location in Cornwall. She’s looking for things to do and places for the crew to go. I am as excitable as a puppy…….my RC encounter comes flooding back….could it be, possible that he had been scouting for locations?!!

I tweet her and ask. Was RC in Gorran Haven a couple of years ago, looking for locations? I really don’t expect a reply. But I had one.

‘Totally not. Where is Gorran Haven?!’

I am deflated. But I don’t actually believe her. I mean, what does she know…..pffft.

Time travel to the present day if you would…

Occasionally when I’m designing, I take myself out of mine and John’s little office / studio and plonk myself on the sofa to work alone in our front room.. It’s generally when I have particular piece of work which requires me to stare glassy-eyed at the wall whilst trying to muster some kind of inspiration. It just saves John thinking that I’m either plotting a terrible crime or have had some kind of seizure.

Last Monday was one of these days. I stuck Netflix on as often the babble of something in the background helps me concentrate. I perused ‘British Films’, scanned the synopsis of ‘About Time’ and hit ‘Play’.

Now, if I do have the TV on whilst working, it’s not uncommon that I will reach the end of a film or programme having literally lost the plot as I’m concentrating on the job. But About Time grabbed my attention.

I hadn’t watched the opening credits but as the film unfolded, I had the notion that it was in no small way reminiscent of a Richard Curtis film….the dialogue, a reference to ‘Bernard’, even the lead actor sounded a bit Hugh Granty. Starring, among others, the fabulous Bill Nighy, Lyndsay Duncan and Tom Wallander, quite quickly the film gripped me and my work took a back seat.

I can’t remember the last time I wept quite so much during a film in recent years. The plot is set in Cornwall and London, with Cornish coastline abound. It revolves around a time-travelling Lawyer who uses his new-found gift to find True Love and ultimately uses it to maintain a connection with his deceased Father. This is poignant for me at present with my own dear Daddy in failing health. I cried like a baby. It was funny, it was sweet. Lovable characters beautifully acted, a great soundtrack, gentle, witty and both sorrowful and uplifting. Some key messages and life lessons to reflect upon too.

And then the end credits rolled……a Richard Curtis film.

Now, I have watched pretty much everything that RC has screened on both TV and film and love his work. But this film had eluded me….I hadn’t heard of its release, hadn’t been aware of it at the cinema….Over the years, I had wondered about the Cornwall film that Emma Freud had talked about, but having never seen any further hype, had thought maybe it hadn’t been released.

I Googled ‘About Time’ and found the below excerpt from a website. Could it be……that I HAD seen Richard Curtis that Sunday morning, scouting for locations? Excitedly, I rushed to tell John.  He looked startled and even mildly impressed……


So anyway…….I will probably never know for sure whether that Sunday morning, it was Richard Curtis and friends who had been checking out the little beach and surroundings at Gorran Haven….but I shall be forever convinced that it was, because, well…..anything is, actually, as a matter of fact, in the words of Richard Curtis…possible.