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Summer is here isn’t it? It’s hard to tell at the moment with this whiplash weather. I’ve been stuck indoors most of the week working frantically to a deadline for an upcoming trade show and working like mad to finish designs and get artwork off for proofing. It’s meant that the sunshine has mainly eluded me, save for a snatch of it during the early evenings. Lovely though, to sit outdoors with a glass of wine and my book…I’m reading a fluffy, funny chicklit number at the moment, it’s very soothing!!

But I awoke early today and got up to sort out some social media stuff, which led me to trawl through past posts and associated pics. I found some lovely snaps from a couple of years ago which were taken during the spring / summer months. I’d forgotten about them, and it was a lovely thing to recall the moments they were taken. Mainly whilst out walking in the local countryside but some were from travels and trips to the beach. I could really feel the warmth of Summer just by looking at them.  It’s a bit downcast here today so I thought I’d use them to keep my Summery momentum going! Until the sun shines for real here later on 🙂

Cadbury gate    durdle door