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I’ve read a fair bit about manifestation over the years; that cosmic promise of being able to conjure your hearts desire through a series of mindful actions, thoughts and spoken words. I took a particular interest when I was first setting up my business and taking the step into self-employment. I guessed it was relevant as I wanted a bit of esoteric back-up that my plan was going to be a success.

Fast forward a few years and I’m taking some time to review that success. Yes, it has been successful. No, it is not what I expected. No, I haven’t made my fortune.

And that sounds negative but it’s not. Not in the slightest. What I have learned however, is not that you need to rely on the universe to deliver your goals, you do have write those goals for yourself and then channel your energy into making them happen.

The ‘manifesting’ part is really just about your own accomplishments. But more importantly, and what the Universe can’t really deliver on, is that whatever you are asking for, and wanting for yourself, is absolutely has to be your heart’s desire.

Because what I’ve also learned is that if you stray too far from what is absolutely true to you, then manifesting (or accomplishment, however you see it) won’t work. It will feel like you’re swimming against the tide. Taking the wrong turn in business (or anything come to that) and finding yourself on a road which makes you feel like you’re lost, means that the chances are, you’re in the wrong place! You need to listen to yourself – your heart, your gut, and you’ll keep going back to the thing which is absolutely right for you.

In business, for me it’s staying true to my femininity and keeping this present in my work. I started out designing rude, bawdy greeting cards which is fine and I still love it, but I realised after a while that I was starting to feel unhappy and somehow lacking. I realised that the designs were quite masculine. So I needed to restore my feminine values, my feminine creativity and that’s exactly what I did. I developed a secondary brand which enables me to design to my own values. And that’s where I’m comfortable.

It will keep evolving, as I discover more about myself through the power of being my own boss. What you do learn, through self-employment is more about yourself. You’re no longer being told what to do by others and follow work ethics and values established by others. Adjusting to the freedom can be tough. But eventually it’s liberating.

I asked the Universe to provide me with a creative business of my own, which would make me money. It’s delivered those things. Now to ramp up the money bit! But I suspect – I know – that’s down to me.

Photo / card design: www.golala.co.uk